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Dick Artists.... Of course that's a thing

Whether you are a connoisseur of the arts or someone who relates themselves

to Seth from Superbad and likes the looks of fresh sketched phalluses.. We can

all appreciate one of instagram's highly tagged subjects #dickart.

Let me tell you, if you haven’t came across some beautiful portrayed penises on

Instagram are you even living? Well, my half dead friend.. I have come to save

the day. In no particular order of greatness I am going to give you some of

instagrams artists. Make way for all the Pablo Dicasso’s and Vincent van


Starting off with the most popular account on this list. Why just have your typical

cup of morning coffee when you can have a latte with a nice frothy dick

masterpiece? Anonymous artist of instagrams @DickLatte puts their heart and

soul into the humor that dicks bring. What better way to start the day.

well, as it clearly states in their bio, @the_8_percent is “the one stop shop for all

things phallactic.” When you click on the page you are greeted with doodles

galore of all the dicks. Now don’t get discouraged by the lack thereof of followers.

This person has talent! ahh, when I saw this Instagram I actually thought for a minute “why in the FUCK do people think dicks are ugly???” Then I remembered it’s the pure talent of

@Williamfschultz that just blows these dicks right out the water. No amount of

zoom could 100% glorify the detail and effort put into these perfected penises.

While there aren't many on the page to scroll through, we can appreciate the fine

work done. Damn, those are some dandy dicks.

When I hear the word adorable I never EVER associate it with penises. Until

now. Friends, I give you the most adorable collection of penis art you will ever oh

your eyes on, @Cutedickers . You haven’t even heard the best part... all of her

cute, adorable dick drawings are STICKER THAT YOU CAN BUY. Are we

putting it together now? Dickers. Dick-stickers. Yes. She’s clever too. All of her

stickers ranging from $1-$4 I think it’s definitely worth it to sport some of her


Let’s step away from the drawings and what not and take a look at this Instagram.

Instead of drawing dicks @Adultsartsandcrafts goes for a more.. real feel. Using

props she decorates dicks in all different ways and colors. Making your eyes

wash over her art pieces examining every knock and cranny of these detailed

ding dongs.

Here’s to another woman owned Instagram and to another page where art is

available for purchase!! Dipping into subjects that are not only penises (don’t

worry still a lot of dicks to go around) @herdirtydishescensored creates a magical

world of all explicit arts! Try not to get swept away by the pure talent of this

creator! There’s many more to come!

When you think of cartoons you most likely think of innocence. Well, for

Alexandra Cardose and her art page @sliced.nanas, her cartoons lack a sense

of that. Here we have a beautifully colored plethora of penis related artwork

bursting with color be prepared to see some of your favorite characters mixed

with dicks of all shapes and sizes!

Abstractnudes - Celebration of the male body radiates off of this instagrammers

page. Even so they state it in the @abstractnudes bio. Dive into the depth of this

artists black and white drawings of male parts and embrace the beauty of all that

is dicks. This art amazed me . I was mesmerized with all the lines and detail.

Who knew dicks could look so powerful.

Wertham Lane, otherwise known as Wiggly takes a different approach than the

norm on his dick drawings. Using a type of art I’ve never really seen before he

creates wonderful pieces using these eyeless, big jawed creatures. With an array

of different colors your eyes will have plenty to scan over on his page

@lineswiggly !

An underrated one yet again, comes @the.dick.doodler with not that many

followers but soooo much potential. This instagrammer also has a website where

you can buy so much more than just stickers! They have cock coloring books,

keychains, pins and so much more! If you’re not there to check out the Peens, at

least check out there shops and sport some sacks!

@threedicksaweek , now who doesn’t like the sound of that? Don’t get too

excited now.. three dicks a week is all on paper. After clicking on their Instagram

you are taken into a world of spectacular sketches. Black and grey with surprise

color postings here and there. Trust me, it’s hard to look away. Go ahead, get

closer. Take it all in.

Last but not least, cumming all the way from the land down under ;) and actually

a personal favorite of mine, @syfapd. This instagram page let’s you purchase

however many of the drawings you want and send them to friends for shits,

giggles and also a good cause! Not only does this IG bring so much to the table it

also raises money for world leading prostate cancer research. 100% of donations

and 50% of profit goes to charity. If that’s not a tear jerker ;), I don’t know what is.

So there you have it folks, the popular and not so popular dick artist accounts,

you can thank me later. For now, go give those accounts a follow and bless your

eyeballs with the wonderful sights of all the different varieties of shlongs. Oh! And

before I forget.. here’s a little bonus for ya, for being such a good audience.. I

know you want a collection ready and available for you to check out of all these

artists and more! Type @idrawdicks in your search bar and browse hundreds of

submissions/tagged content of all the dick artistry known to the Instagrammers of

the world!

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