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Boxers Vs Briefs?

Getting dressed is inevitable, with that comes the quick slip on of underwear. A move

that probably goes overlooked and is made out of habit. Honestly though, at one point in time you sat in that department store and asked yourself the big question. Boxers, or Briefs? This has been one of the hot topics of men lately. Now I know not only men can wear boxes, let’s be real, it’s 2020. I say men because when referring to the all mighty question, it’s usually followed with “Which is better for your junk?” Studies show that the type of boxers you wear have a good amount to do with your precious family jewels.Who knew, that the type of cloth that harnesses, or doesn't harness your junk could have such an impact? Not me. Anyways, let’s take a dip into the fascinating world of undergarments.

I know that the first pair of underwear you owned were those baggy boxers that were

probably red plaid. You know the ones i’m talking about, with the scrunched up band at the top?

Yeah those ones. Now, there are all different types of boxers, some more fashionable than

others depending on the price you want to pay. Let’s be real though, when it comes to your junk they all make you hang the same way. This is one of the pros AND cons of boxers. Hanging jewels can be somewhat amazing, you get that freeball feeling without being a total skeezeball and you get the refreshing breeze of fresh air on those bad boys. The cons are a little concerning though especially if you’re a gym rat. With such free range of ball movement in a less constricting underwear, you increase the risk of chafing, bruising and testicular torsion. Testicular torsion is a big set of words which basically means your little buddies get tangled and that results in a cut off of blood supply. I’ll give you a moment to appreciate your untangled balls before continuing this read.

Okay, all good? Now, looking at the other side of this question, zoom in on the briefs.

Some say these are the more sophisticated of the two. Sleek and reliable these bad boys will

cradle your balls so nice and snug you’ll almost forget they are there. Please don’t though, that could put you in some weird situations. Yikes. Anyways, one of the strongest points in why men pick briefs is because of their hold. Gym goers swear by them because they do keep everything in place. What if i were to tell you, that that too was also a con. According to Dr. A. David Soleymani, a dermatologist from Chicago, briefs hold a lot of humidity and heat that not only halts sperm count but also creates a breeding ground for fungal growth. Try being on a first date and having to explain that there is more than one growth happening in your boxers. Not so sexy, is it?

Speaking of dates, shouldn’t women have a say in this too? Studies show that women

actually do have a lot to say about what cloth covers their man’s junk. More women actually

pulled on the side of boxers believe it or not. Stating that they are the more “classic” pair of

undergarments. Boxers also being a tell all on if a man is cocky (no pun intended) or not. Saying that boxers are the modest type of underwear. The ladies pulling on the briefs side did say that briefs are the more seductive pair of underwear. Showing off everything they need to with that snug grasp.Hugging the thighs, butt, and junk had a lot of sway on women. They called it the “coming of age” underwear, saying it was a more mature pick in that department over the immature “teen” boxers. I'm going to guess that if you’re still reading this you’re looking for the answer. Now I am not going to tell you what to do with your junk because, well it’s YOUR junk and that would be weird.

Honestly, they both have pros and cons that are probably making you want to throw one

or the other out right now. Before you do that, why not wear both? None of the research done has said anything about completely setting fire to one pair over the other so why would you? Be smart, wear briefs with activity and boxers when lounging. Plus, keeping the ladies on their toes and happy with a little bit of both worlds never hurt, right? It’s a win-win.

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