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Are Cellphones Bad For Your Boys?

If you were to empty out your pockets what items would you be pulling out? Wallet, gum,

some loose change, chapstick, and of course... your phone. You can’t leave your house without it, I understand but what if I were to tell you that where you carry your phone could be harming your junk.

Recent studies are starting to prove that cell phones pose a serious health risk

overall, but i'm going to dial in on your junk and how your cellular device is harming it.

The studies of Devra Lee Davis, ph.D, clearly show that there are links to cancers,

tumors and sperm damage all from the microwave radiation that your cell phone emits. Even

when you're not on a call, your cellphone is putting out these radiations. That means your dick is taking constant blows to the head (no pun intended). That can’t be good on him, can it? I know what you're thinking, “well why can I talk on the phone with it up to my head and nothing happens but you're worried about my junk?!”. Think of it this way, what is your brain surrounded by? A skull, good job. What is your dick surrounded by? Skin. How thick is skin? I’ll tell you, not thicker than skull, which leaves your head semi protected and your junk defenseless.

So how bad is this radiation when it all comes down to it?

I mean we wouldn’t be able to really have this technology if it was that harmful, right? To a point that is correct but even companies like Apple have lied about their radio frequency radiation levels on a report to federal regulators. Apples radiation was actually DOUBLE the frequency that they reported when it came to their Iphone 7. So, even that is a very fine line that is being walked on. Can companies just claim they have a frequency that is safe and people take their word on it? Is that why we are allowed such things? That would make sense in why we are taking damage from all this technology.

Rambling can only go so far and then there are solutions. Now, I know you aren’t going

to go smash your phone and go off the grid but let’s think of some ways around all this. It being 2020 I'm seeing a lot more men carry “man-purses” or fanny packs. If that's still not your style, a backpack or a brief case also works. Now I understand that's not the most convenient place to put your phone but if you care about your junk it might be an easy sacrifice. Lilly Friedman, M.D. stated that your junk endures 2-7 times higher radiation in your pocket than if it was in your bag or holster, even more in your backpack. Also, when you know you're going to be off your phone for a bit but you still need to keep it close, airplane mode is the way to go. Airplane mode completely lessens the amount of radiation coming from your phone so you can even keep it in your pocket!

Another way to go is your underwear, yes you know where i'm going with this. There is underwear on the market that reduces 98% of cell radiation and 70% wifi radiation,

they are called Kronjuwelen Underwear, look ‘em up. If you absolutely can't stand the idea of

putting your phone in a bag, put a bag on your junk, by bag I mean some nifty ass underwear.

All in all, in this day and age phones are essential. Who would've thought that with this

comes risks. As in everything there are good and bad, but there are definite ways of getting

around it even if it’s slightly and not all the time. If you think i'm being paranoid, know that if you look in any phone manual it specifically says not to keep your phone against your body/skin. Hmm, thinking about that bag a little bit more now aren't you?

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