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Meet Vlad The Impaler.

Whether it be the perfect gift for the man in your life or a way for you to spruce up those old boring dick pics this item is perfect for you. Vlad comes with a shirt, hat and mustaches.

Your 12 pack will come with
1 Small
5 Medium 
5 Large 
1 Extra Large


These sizes are based on our current order averages.
You can request different sizes.



3" Length
4" Girth

4" Length
5" Girth

5" Length
6" Girth

6" Length
7" Girth

======General Info======
All of our outfits are made from a stretchy cotton spandex blend material, so they stretch to conform to you.


Shipping and Costs

The cost is $7.49/per outfit.

Wholesale outfits come in a 12 unit case pack.

Case packs are $89.88.

Shipping is $10.11 for priority shipping.

So the total amount is $99.99 including shipping.

Recommended retail price is $14.99-$19.99 depending on your area. 

Your shipment will come with tracking information. 

Vlad The Impaler

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