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Dick Pic Etiquette

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Consent First....

It should go without saying but here we are saying it to be sure the first rule of dick pics is make sure the person on the receiving end is does in fact, want this picture.


For the love of everything, if you're going to take a picture that is meant to be a turn on please make sure there isn't a toilet, dirty clothes, or your feet that are in desperate need of a pedicure in the background. They'll notice. A little extra effort here matters.


Clean it up guys. You might be into a 80s bush but your photo recipient might not be. Keep a clean house. Trim and make sure you're free of ingrown hairs or any heat rashes before your big photo shoot.


Lighting is important to get just right.

  • Fluorescent lights can be too revealing, showing off every imperfection

  • Warm lighting can give your photo and unappealing look

  • Too dark and we can't see the goods. What's the point if we can't see it?

  • Flash.... NEVER. USE. A. FLASH.

We recommend using a natural light from a window, sun rise is perfect plus you'll have that morning wood. Sunset could be okay too, the golden hour as they call it. If you can't catch the natural lighting in time try snapping your pic with a cool white light. Crisp and clean.

Chub Up

You're sending an intimate pic, don't get shy now. Show em whatcha got! Flaccid isn't even a fun word to say so it's definitely not a fun photo to receive. Somewhere between chub and hard is a good place to be.

Close Up.... Please don't

A little context is really great. You want to include some of that hot bod in your photo. Not to upstage the star of the show but your recipient will appreciate a full picture.

  • Jury's Out on balls. Some girls say yes, others say no. We're going to say that your should trust your best judgement on if you should include them in your shot or not.

  • Jury's in on random objects. No need to compare to an inanimate object, your hand will do just fine if you want something else in the photo for scale. It's kind of weird to see a remote or whatever else you had lying around in a photo that is supposed to be sexy.

Dress To Impress

Big surprise, we were going to try and sell you one of our products.

Our outfits are a fabulous ice breaker or a solid way to get a laugh. Dick pics don't have to be so serious every time. We have over 30+ costumes for you penis in our inventory for you to choose from. Trust us, she'll think it's hilarious.

Wanna Go Pro?

Check out Soraya, she will get you set up with a professional Dick photo shoot.

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1 Comment

Jan 28, 2021

I do not agree at all with shaving my pubic hair! For me personally it is very manly and I would never ever shave it. On top there are definitely woman who want to see a cock in a costume WITH pubic hair. I got comments from woman saying that they highly appreciate it and were laughing of guys having everything shaved.

So do not generalize things and brainwash man that they should follow your shaving mantra! Pubic hair on a man is absolutely natural and it is a very personal choice to keep it or not!

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